• Fugu dish

  • ■ Japanese beef shabu-shabu ■ black pig shabu-shabu ■ abalone red shrimp shabu

    • 【Special Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu】

      【Special Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu】

      2800 yen (excluding tax)

      I am using Wagyu Beef.Feature is a texture that is motivated, has a high percentage of marbling, it is a meat with a vivid and delicious look.

    • 【Supreme Wagyu Shabu Shabu】

      【Supreme Wagyu Shabu Shabu】

      3500 yen (excluding tax)

      The meat is different in the non-mouth shabu-shabu.Common shabu shabu uses roast meat, but in non-gates, we use the rare site "Wagyu Misuji".Misjis is a scarce part that is said to be a phantom part.There are fine and beautiful sashes.It melts like mellow, yet thick, exactly thick with meat.

    • 【Abalone with red shrimp shabu-shabu】

      【Abalone with red shrimp shabu-shabu】

      2300 yen (excluding tax)

      It is a luxurious gem that made a soft Ezo abalone and a large sweet red shrimp with shabu-shabu.

    • Kirishima Plateau [Black pig shabu-shabu]

      Kirishima Plateau [Black pig shabu-shabu]

      1800 yen (excluding tax)

      Grazing in the Kagoshima Kirishima Plateau, I use black pigs carefully raised.It is the best frosting and deep flavor, sweet tasting meat.Black pig 's fat is refreshingly characterized.So I'd like to enjoy the deliciousness and softness of the meat using rosy meat with a lot of fat.Shakyaki lettuce from Awaji goes well with black pigs.

    • 【Black pig sweet spicy pig (boobie) shabu-shabu】

      【Black pig sweet spicy pig (boobie) shabu-shabu】

      2300 yen (excluding tax)

      It 's not just a hot red soup, it' s painful.It is a taste that makes you feel a sweet taste because it is delicious flavor rather than spicy taste.So I named it Shabu Shabu Shabu.I will recommend it delicious with confidence if you shabu sweet black pig with this soup.Lettuce from Awaji can also be deliciously delicious with soup which melts the taste of black pig.

  • ■ sashimi / salad

    • Sharp and Mizuna salad

      Sharp and Mizuna salad

      550 yen (excluding tax)

      Classic, crispy shrimp and tender milda

    • Vegetable field Salad

      Vegetable field Salad

      750 yen (excluding tax)

      From the seasons, we made the grace of the field salad.

  • ■ food and drink

    • Abalone miso pickles

      Abalone miso pickles

      650 yen (excluding tax)

      Ezo abalone is soaked in various miso over a month, and it makes it a condensed umami of abalone.It is the highest luxury delicacy to sake, shochu, sake.

    • Miso of cream cheese

      Miso of cream cheese

      580 yen (excluding tax)
    • Grilled rolled omelette

      Grilled rolled omelette

      600 yen (excluding tax)
    • Pickles


      500 yen (excluding tax)


      480 yen (excluding tax)
    • Wild yarn sweet potatoes

      Wild yarn sweet potatoes

      500 yen (excluding tax)
    • Wagyu Beef sushi

      Wagyu Beef sushi

      600 yen (excluding tax)
  • ■ deep fried

    • Camembert cheese fly

      Camembert cheese fly

      750 yen (excluding tax)
    • Fried hot hot tofu

      Fried hot hot tofu

      580 yen (excluding tax)

      I pulled silk tofu crispy.Sakuto and Toro and hot, with soy sauce dropping delicious.It is delicious just because it is simple!

    • Fried fish balls

      Fried fish balls

      480 yen (excluding tax)
  • ■ baked things

    • Bomb thing grill

      Bomb thing grill

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      In the chicken meatballs made of crunchy texture with cartilage, yolk which melts can be put in.When breaking down the tsukuro, toro - uma coming out from the inside will mix with sweet sauce and the thick taste will spread all over mouth.

    • Confucius frozen

      Confucius frozen

      1500 yen (excluding tax)
    • Dried squid overnight

      Dried squid overnight

      500 yen (excluding tax)
    • Roasted pork steak 300 g

      Roasted pork steak 300 g

      1960 yen (excluding tax)

      We made roasted pork of brand pig "Lin SPF" a surprisingly powerful, thick steak.It will be surprised at not only thickness but also softness.Please fill in your mouth and please taste meat meat.

  • ■ simmered

    • Black pork tofu

      Black pork tofu

      680 yen (excluding tax)

      Tofu inhale a lot of black pig's delicious flavor.Enjoy a hot pot in a pot

  • ■ meal / dessert

    • Tsuba soba

      Tsuba soba

      500 yen (excluding tax)
    • Wasabi Oshiri soba

      Wasabi Oshiri soba

      550 yen (excluding tax)
    • Duck Nambitan Nendoroid

      Duck Nambitan Nendoroid

      800 yen (excluding tax)
    • Homemade sorbet

      Homemade sorbet

      400 yen (excluding tax)