【Aya Iroadori Random Course】 【Tax excluded】

【Aya Iroadori Random Course】 【Tax excluded】

3500 yen

We cook using seasonal ingredients.Please leave it to me.※ "With 2 hours all-you-can-drink all-you-can-ey" 5500 yen Tax included <From 4 people> * It can be extended for 30 minutes at 500 yen.

Random Seasonal Cuisine

◆ First apple pork cucumber
Red pepper

◆ Sashimi Boniton Bonkaku Salad Style

◆ Grilled eel eel grilled
Liver accompanied

◆ Episode Wheat Meat Cream Dressing
Cucumber load

◆ Steamed cold made Ayu lotus root wind
Confucius Yawata cream cheese

◆ Fried bamboo tempura mountain Ao
Carrot-fried carrot

◆ Meal Flower Somen
Fried eggplant
Boiled soup stock

◆ Sweet Coffee Jelly
Vanilla Icecream